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ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace

ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace
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All new redesigned! The number 1 Throwing Training aid in the world. Correct poor throwing mechanics. Teach players to throw properly.

The ThrowMAX is the world's only flexible arm brace made of extremely lightweight material that fits directly on a ballplayers arm. It supplies resistance which provides instant feedback as to the correct and incorrect motion of a player's throwing motion. The brace gives a player an immediate response if they try to shortcut a throw.

For throwing overhand or underhand the brace:
- creates body awareness
- offers instant feedback
- allows for muscle memory
- increases power

For throwing overhand the brace:- shows 90 degree arm slot
- prevents injury

For throwing underhand (Fastpitch pitching) the brace:
- shows wrist snap
- prevents curling
- will not allow the "chicken wing" throw

What size you need:
XS - up to 4'7"
S - 4'8" to 5'2"
M - 5'3" to 5'8"
L - over 5'9"

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dan Pasquariello
    My daughter, Danielle has been a superstar at softball now for two years and the 5 teams she has played with. She is 12 years old, 5’10” and weighs 168 pounds (all muscle). The only weakness to her game was her throwing accuracy (not her distance; she can flick it from center to home plate on a fly). She has a lot of coaches interested in her but they all (all 22 of them) have tried to help her with her throwing. After putting on the Throwmax, things changed overnight and she is super – accurate. The best thing happened last week when her new coach with her new travel team said “Watch how Danielle throws it”! Quite a change thanks to you and your wonderful product. Keep up the great work!!

    Best regards,
  • Author: Terry

    Had to laugh the other day when I put a throwmax on a girl at softball practice for her overhand throwing mechanics. Both the softball and baseball coaches from our high school stop by to check it out.

    They both asked if this is something that is new.

    I almost fell over as I think I have been using them for what 23 maybe 13 years from you?

    Most of my guys are now either in pro ball or college but I am still using it when i get called to help a player or a team.

  • Author: Terry Conroy

    Nice talking to you today and thanks for sticking behind your product. It was a right hand large and we just got it last week. I ordered one for my son and one for my daughter and have order others over the years as I used to send them to my players for their birthdays.

    We placed the order just a week or two ago.

    Name is Terry Conroy 28452 Casey Court, Lake Barrington. Illinois.60010 Phone 847-277-1778. The one that broke is the right large.

    The doctor that also said it is one of the best devices he has seen is Dr. Robert Patek form the illinois Bone and Joint Institue. 847-375-3000

    Thanks again.

    Terry Conroy
  • Author: David Oakes

    My son Will hurt his arm on April 11, 2008. He was pitching for his high school jv team and after he threw a pitch I saw him go down to one knee and grab his right elbow. He looked over to the coach and said I heard it pop. A MRI revealed that he had partially torn the Tommy John ligament. His orthopedic doctor said “no” pitching and begin rehab in 2 months. His arm began the healing process. After 2 months, he began working with a Sports Rehab Specialist. The main objective was to better develop his core muscles, to correct any physical issues that affects his pitching, to improve strength, to improve flexibility, and to improve his throwing mechanics. To help with his mechanics, I bought a ThrowMax. During the rehab process, they video taped Will throwing a baseball with and without the ThrowMax. The difference was significant. Will has always had a issue with dropping his elbow (especially when he gets tired). The ThrowMax has helped him correct this issue. As a result, he throws with his whole arm now and doesn’t put so much pressure on his elbow. The work he has done to improve his strength, stability, flexibility, endurance, and mechanics have all contributed to an increase in velocity of 5 to 7 mph on his fastball. I have read people’s claim that after having Tommy John surgery on their elbows they can throw faster. Our Sports Rehab Specialist explained that since the first Tommy John surgery, the rehab techniques have improved to a point that it is an exact science. They have fine tuned the rehab to help the patient recover fully and more quickly. The part of the rehab that goes unnoticed is the work that is done to correct issues with strength, stability, flexibility, endurance, and mechanics. Simply put, if the athlete doesn’t fix the problem that caused the injury then the injury will reoccur after the surgery. The ThrowMax has been an effective tool for reinforcing proper throwing mechanics. He is technically a better pitcher now than he was before the injury. The doctor released him in December 2008, eight months after the injury. He has been working out since December with the pitchers and catchers for the high school baseball team. He is doing great and is pain free. He can throw without the ThrowMax using proper mechanics now. He throws all of his bullpens with the ThrowMax and probably will continue to use it to reinforce the proper mechanics. Thanks for your help!!!

  • Author: Greg Meisinger

    As a former NCAA Division III pitcher and father of three little league boys of whom two have significant mechanical flaws in their throwing motion, I can’t thank you enough for your product. I ordered your product on Monday of this week, it came Thursday and after one session with both boys they are both jacked about their new found control. I have been working on my eldest boy’s throwing problem (dropping the elbow) for three years with little improvement. He knows what his mechanical flaws are, but could not seem to correct it with just my diagnosis of why he had difficulty controlling his throws. I tried pictures, video and drill after drill to try to break him it but nothing worked. During our last practice, his teammates were getting all over him for throwing the ball away on nearly every throw. You could see the sadness on his face. As a coach, I could understand the other player’s frustrations. As his father, it tore me up thinking I couldn’t do anything to help him despite all my personal successes as a pitcher. Monday while at work I Googled his problem hoping to find anything that might help – I found Throwmax! We’ve got a ways to go, but I am finally confident we are on the right path. Your product has renewed my son’s love of baseball and my confidence as a coach.


    Greg Meisinger
    Green Bay, WI
  • Author: Josh Dietz

    I just want to send you this e-mail to thank you for such a great invention. I have just come off of labrum surgery. It was torn for a year and a half and I had to adjust my throwing to get around the pain. I didn't know it was so bad until I finally found time to get it checked out and the doctor was surprised I could still throw. I took care of it when I couldn't handle the pain anymore and my throwing just became so bad that I lost all Velocity and Control.
    After I had it fixed and rehabed to the point where I could begin throwing I had a really tough time trusting that surgery worked and getting my arm back to the right arm slot and overall the right mechanics. I was doing all the wrongs, pushing, leading with the elbow, it was bad. I knew I could throw pain free just I needed to retrain my body with the right muscle memory all over again.

    That's what I searched out and found ThrowMax. I was excited to see how it could help and sure enough it turned out to be exactly what I needed! I was amazed at what it got me to do. I was getting on top of the baseball, right arm slot, was throwing crisp and getting extension with my arm following the throw. It really has made me focus on my mechanics. It didn't take me long to find the right release point nor find out the difference between the right mechanics and the wrong.
    When used right you can really see the positive result and after a full month of post surgery throwing and going nowhere, I have to thank you for ThrowMax because I am throwing where I knew I could be with no pain and great accuracy. I can't thank you enough and will be referring your product to my Doctor as a tool for future clients like me. I have already referred 2 guys to the ThrowMax who are having troubles like I did post surgery.

    Thank you again! You have saved my career!

    Independent professional Baseball
    Gateway Grizzlies
    Frontier League
  • Author: Fred Gabriel

    I bought a Throwmax for my eight year old son. He is learning to play baseball, but was having difficulty understanding the mechanics of throwing. 1 out of 10 throws was fundamentally correct. I tried several different approaches, but nothing seemed to work with any repeatability - he is 8. The results with the Throwmax was instanteous and unbelievable. The first thing I noticed was the ball rotation was correct. My wife was standing at the door watching and I believe her first words was WOW.

    Thanks for sharing your idea with the rest of us. I hope your sales are plentiful. I will spread the word and will suggest your product to three different players on our team.

    Fred Gabriel
  • Author: C Taylor
    Dear Sir,
    I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU. I have a nine year old son playing competitive baseball. When practices started this year my son, who last year was an all star at second base, could not throw the ball. For three weeks we worked on correct arm position. I went as far as having private lessons with the local baseball academy. No matter what we did when he brought his arm forward he was decelerating and dropping his elbow. At his last practice they assigned positions. For the first time in his young baseball life he was put into the outfield. Needless to say he was devastated ( I hate to admit it but so was I ) the coach told me he just couldn't trust his throws. Internet searches on throwing drills led me to your product. I was skeptical as there is always some great gadget that claims it will make you son or daughter the next Alex Rodriguez. I read you website information and decided that the theory behind the product made sense. I figured I had nothing to loose except for some money ( we had already spent over 250.00 in private lessons) I ordered your Throw max product. I spent almost as much as the cost of the throw max in overnight shipping, I could not wait to see if this was what we had been searching for.
    The day it came in we had indoor workouts at the baseball academy. My son was embarrassed wearing it even though It was under his shirt sleeve. While warming up with me one of the instructors teaching other kids stopped what he was doing and watched my son throw a couple of times and then made his class come over and watch my sons throwing motion. He stated to them to watch how over the top he brought his arm. My sons instructor heard this and came over and stated " I told you if we kept working at it you would get it" That is when I informed him of my purchase and showed him.( yes I did get an evil satisfaction in doing this) He said well there is no arguing with success.
    My son has only thrown about 50 throws with your product but seeing him smile and getting his confidence back was worth many times over what I paid for the product and for this I thank you. Sorry this was so long but I had to let you know that your product has kept the love of baseball alive in one young boy.

    Chris Taylor
  • Author: John Carson
    I just had to write you. I wasn't sure the throwmax would help me. All your write ups were on young kids and young men. I'm a senior and play in seniors softball. My shoulder would hurt me, on every throw and I had no power because of the pain.

    I got the throwmax and used it in a game, before even trying it out. Well, I couldn't beleive how well it worked. My shoulder didn't hurt and I had much more power and distance. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take it off before batting. My first time up, I hit it over the fence (must have been a short fence), so it didn't hurt the batting either.

    So, I thank you again for helping out and old fart and making it more enjoyable to play seniors softball.

    John Carson
    Orlando, Fl.

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