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ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace

ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace
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All new redesigned! The number 1 Throwing Training aid in the world. Correct poor throwing mechanics. Teach players to throw properly.

The ThrowMAX is the world's only flexible arm brace made of extremely lightweight material that fits directly on a ballplayers arm. It supplies resistance which provides instant feedback as to the correct and incorrect motion of a player's throwing motion. The brace gives a player an immediate response if they try to shortcut a throw.

For throwing overhand or underhand the brace:
- creates body awareness
- offers instant feedback
- allows for muscle memory
- increases power

For throwing overhand the brace:- shows 90 degree arm slot
- prevents injury

For throwing underhand (Fastpitch pitching) the brace:
- shows wrist snap
- prevents curling
- will not allow the "chicken wing" throw

What size you need:
XS - up to 4'7"
S - 4'8" to 5'2"
M - 5'3" to 5'8"
L - over 5'9"

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