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MacGregor® Adult Catcher's Gear Pack

MacGregor® Adult Catcher's Gear Pack
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Keep your players safe behind the plate in games and practice sessions with the MacGregor® Adult Catcher's Gear Pack. Catchers can confidently chase down wild pitches and tag runners at the plate when outfitted with this all-in-one gear pack. It's easy to prevent season-changing head or neck injuries when catchers are wearing the pro-style adult catcher's helmet and throat protector, which shield the head, neck and face from dangerous fastballs or swinging bats. Catching pitches and stopping runners sliding into home is less intimidating for catchers wearing the chest protector and double-knee leg guards.

Pro-style adult catcher's helmet helps players stay focused and keep their head in the game
4 in. throat protector protects the neck from direct hits from errant pitches and swings
MCB70 adult chest protector takes the force of missed catches to help prevent injuries
Double-knee leg guards protect the shins from low pitches and sliding runners' cleats
Adult catcher's equipment is designed for baseball players ages 15 years and older
Activity: Baseball
Athletic Supporter Included: No
Brand: MacGregor®
Quantity: 1
Recommended Age Use: Adults
Throat Protector: Yes

Package includes:
Pro-style adult catcher's helmet
MCB70 adult chest protector
Varsity double knee leg guards
4" throat protector
For ages 15+