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Jaeger sports Getting Focused Staying Focused Book

Jaeger sports Getting Focused Staying Focused Book
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A Far Eastern Approach to Sports and Life. Getting Focused Staying Focused book was written by Alan Jaeger. It serves as the theme behind all of the Jaeger Sports’ training programs. As a teacher and practitioner of the Far Eastern Arts, he is able to offer an alternate approach to sports that transcends traditional psychological methods. Alan’s personal training includes the study and practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido and Zen. His Psychological training was completed at California State University at Northridge. His post-graduate studies include a certificate from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, for cultural studies.

Alan has worked as a team trainer and consultant for several collegiate and amateur programs, including the University of San Francisco, California Lutheran University, and The Chatham A’s of the Prestigious Cape Cod League. Since opening in 1989, Jaeger Sports has provided a facility for athletes from a variety of sports disciplines to solidify the mental side of their game. Graduates, which include over 100 professional baseball players and hundreds of amateurs, can attest to a significant improvement in their performance. As a former collegiate baseball player and coach, Alan has been able to merge the “mechanics” of the Western Athlete with the “insight” of the Eastern mind – a combination of resources that has put him at the forefront of Sports Philosophy.

You can purchase a copy of Alan Jaeger’s book Getting Focused Staying Focused, and learn how to use your mind to your advantage rather than to its disadvantage; learn why you must “earn” the mental game through “practice” like any other skill.