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MacGregor® Prep Catcher's Gear Pack

MacGregor® Prep Catcher's Gear Pack
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Anything can happen on the baseball diamond, and this MacGregor® Prep Catcher's Gear Pack keeps young catchers protected as they grab hold of strikes and balls. As players take their place behind the plate, the pro-style varsity catcher's helmet and throat guard shield the face and neck. Catchers can suit up with the chest protector and double knee guards to easily absorb impact from wild throws, foul tips and collisions with sliding runners.

Pro-style catcher's helmet protects your catcher's head and face during games and practices
4 in. throat protector keeps your player's neck safe from missed catches
MCB73 prep chest protector delivers safety from wild pitches, sliding runners and more
Prep double knee guards absorb impact to safeguard your player's legs
Prep catcher's equipment designed for catchers between the ages of 12 and 15
Activity: Baseball/Softball
Brand: MacGregor®
Quantity: 1
Recommended Age Use: Teenagers
Throat Protector: Yes

Package includes:

Pro style varsity catcher's helmet
MCB73 prep chest protector
Prep double knee guards
4" throat protector
For ages 12-15