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Swing Tutor

Swing Tutor
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Everyday, is another Day, a Player can be IMPROVING!

The Swing Tutor System will teach you:

Though all hitters are different, successful hitters share the basic fundamentals. The swing should compact, efficient and as powerful as possible taking a direct path to the ball. The swing should incorporate the body's strongest muscle groups while fusing the upper & lower bodies for maximum power.

Bottom Line the secret to "GOOD" Hitting is simple: Precision Practice - "Repetitive" practice of "Correct Swing Mechanics" will develop sound swing technique faster than any other training method. Changing or creating muscle memory is about behavior modification. This process requires proper instruction, precise practice and time. Players develop consistently better hitting and/or pitching skills when they concentrate practice on "Correct Mechanics" with precise execution. .

It has been proven the best method to enhance swing form involves breaking the mechanics down into its smallest components in order to maximize improvement through Step By Step drills reinforce Muscle Memory and establish good habits. These components are also shared by professional hitters.

The unfortunate truth is, two things keep 9 out of 10 hitters from reaching their full potential:

1. Practicing incorrectly, (which reinforces bad habits)
2. Not practicing ENOUGH


  • Detects & corrects most common swing flaws
  • One & two handed drills
  • Indicates path of hands & plane of bat
  • Breaks swing into smallest components
  • Reinforces sound swing mechanics
  • Enhances hand / eye coordination
  • Trains muscle memory with preciserepetitions
  • Increases bat speed & Control
  • Increases line drives - minimizing fly &ground balls
  • Develops compact & complete swing
  • Like having a coach advising every swing
  • Helps understand top hand PUSH & lead handPULL method
  • Great for individuals / teams, practices,pre-game & home use
  • Comes with instructional hitting & usevideo,
  • Written & pictured instructions