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Dura-Band Training System - Softball

Dura-Band Training System - Softball
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Total Enhancement System

The Dura-Band® Baseball Total Enhancement System is a patented training system that does more than just arm strengthening. This unique system functionally trains, strengthens and enhancesthe muscles that improve overall performance, while targeting the small muscle groups in both theupper and lower extremities that prevent injuries and increase velocity.

No training system on the market today has the broad capabilities to help baseball athletes as theDura-Band® Baseball Total Enhancement System.

1.Arm Strengthening- Athlete holds an actual baseball that doesnt rotate (a feature thatoffers additional benefits from those on the market that do spin and rotate) through theirentire throwing motion. This provides not only shoulder and rotator cuff strengthening, but very effectively allows the wrist and forearm muscles to be strengthened, the musclesthat must be strengthened to prevent elbow injuries.

2.Hitting- Exactly simulates the baseball swing strengthening the trunk muscles where power comes from, while further training the athlete to fire muscles in proper timing and sequence. Progressive resistance of the Dura-Band ® allows the athlete to develop maximum swing torque at the time of impact when its needed most.

3.Balance- Through proprioception training balance is improved which is critical through the acceleration phase of the throwing motion.

4.Tactile Feedback- Athlete can grasp baseball at any point on the strings of their choosing allowing them to simulate the exact pitch/throw they will be making.