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Blaze Combo Heavy Duty Pitching Machine

Blaze Combo Heavy Duty Pitching Machine
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Elevate your baseball and softball training regimen with the groundbreaking Heater Sports Blaze Combo Heavy Duty Pitching Machine. Engineered for performance, durability, and versatility, this innovative machine redefines batting and fielding practice with its cutting-edge features.

Starting from the bottom, the Blaze includes adjustable legs crafted from robust 1.25-inch steel which lock into the Blaze tripod with a quick-click push-pin. These sections are reversible, offering adaptable heights for both baseball and softball pitches so whether you need realistic softball height pitching from just above the ground or realistic baseball height pitching from high above, the quick-adapt multi-directional legs will suit your needs.

Working our way up, the Blaze boasts a versatile 90-Degree Angle Pitch Height Adjustment. Perfect for diverse training scenarios, including ground balls, fast pitch, slow pitch, line drives, fly balls, and pop-ups, the Blaze is adaptable to various play styles so you never have to limit your training.

The Blaze is comprised of an All-Metal Housing. Designed to endure the test of time, providing reliability and sturdiness, you'll never have to worry about the Blaze getting beat up or broken because durability is what the Blaze will provide for years of continual use.

Designed with all players & safety in mind, the Blaze features a quick-slot ball type adjustment while also including both a baseball ball drop chute + a 11" and 12" softball chute. The innovative, safety ball chutes allow the machine operator to feed balls into the Blaze from nearly a foot away from the tire; this provides safety and peace of mind for adult operators of the machine (Adult operation only). Swiftly switch ball types in seconds by moving and locking the pinch pad into one of three pre-determined slots for your preferred ball size. You can use lite baseballs, real baseballs, lite 11" softball, real 11" softballs, lite 12" softballs, and real 12" softballs all within seconds; streamlining your practice sessions for maximum efficiency.

Because different skill levels need different pitch speeds, the Blaze includes an Variable Speed Control. With a simple twist, effortlessly control pitch speeds ranging from 10 to 70 MPH, catering to various skill levels and training needs.
The heart of the Blaze is its 1/3 HP Heavy Duty Motor. This motor is built-to-last with its durable construction and meets every pitching demand which is backed by the Blaze warranty.

Perhaps the most noticeable component of the Blaze is its large, long lasting professional grade tire; built to endure rigorous training sessions, ensuring consistent performance and lasting durability. This tire provides you with effortless pitching as it cushions and provides pin-point pitching accuracy for strikes every time.

While other machines on the market of this caliber are bulky, awkward, and not easily portable weighing over 70 lbs., the Blaze stands out as a highly portable machine, facilitating easy transport from storage to the field weighing an astonishing 55 lbs.

The Heater Sports Blaze Combo Heavy Duty Pitching Machine is a game-changer, not just for its outstanding features, but also for its incredible affordability, making it an ideal choice for personal use in your backyard, team practices on the field, or league-wide training sessions for all ages and skill levels.

And that's not all! Heater Sports is so sure you'll love it, the Blaze includes a confidence-boosting 1-year manufacturer parts and labor warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

Elevate your game today with the Blaze Combo Pitching Machine - where innovation meets affordability for a true game-winning advantage. Don't wait, order now!

> Pitches Lite Baseballs, Real Baseballs, Lite Softballs, and Real Softballs
> Easy Speed Control Adjustment from 10-70 MPH
> Heavy Duty 1/3 HP Motor For Longevity and Durability
> Large Pitching Machine Tire For Effortless Pitching
> All Metal Construction Built To Last For Years to Come
> 90 Degree Pitch Angle Adjustment For Grounders, Strikes, Line Drives, Pop Flies, and Pop Ups
> Reversible Metal Leg Sections For Realistic Baseball and Softball Pitch Heights
> Backed By Heater Sports 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty