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This Softball Arm Care & Throwing Manual eBook is a digital download: PDF Format.

One of the primary goals of every athlete is to optimize their skills and abilities. In Softball, there is not a more important skill than throwing. Put rather bluntly, if you can’t throw, you can’t play.

But throwing is more than just being injury free. It should be the goal of every Softball player to find out “what’s in your arm” — to find out how healthy, strong and durable your arm can be. Considering that pitching wins championships, and defense clearly influences games, it’s safe to say that throwing — and more specifically, arm training and development — should be given it’s proper due.

Jaeger Sports philosophy toward throwing is simple — the arm is waiting and willing to go to work for us. It has so much potential and upside if given the time and attention. And contrary to opinions that suggest that you only have so many “throws in your arm”, we come from an entirely different school of thought whereby you “build” throws in your arm by throwing more, rather than less. Just as you don’t “count” how many steps you take each day for fear of using them up, the arm responds best to activity, rather than inactivity. The arm is ready to go to work for you — the questions is, are you ready to make the investment into it?

As with the development of any skill our Softball Arm Care & Throwing Manual eBook focuses on “base building”. Therefore, we spend a great deal of time from the onset building the arm up slowly and progressively as a precursor to any aggressive throwing. Along with a dedicated Arm Care program, this is the most ideal way to build up the arm, and position it to be maintained rather effectively. And through our 25 years of experience and feedback in the baseball community, and more recently, with a number of respected Softball Programs (UCLA, University of Arizona, Cal State University Fullerton, Whittier College) we have not only seen and experienced the incredible benefits of a well-trained arm, but likewise, how avoidable arm injuries can be if the arm is properly “Built Up” and “Maintained”.

This is best accomplished by understanding a few of our most essential principles upfront, namely:

That all arms are unique
The importance of “listening to the arm” and allowing it to dictate what it needs from day today
The positive effects on an arm (Heath, Endurance, Strength and improved Recovery Period) by throwing more, rather than less
The importance of Arm Care and Long Toss
As you will see, figuring out “when” to start a throwing program and “how” to optimally “Build Up” an arm is the foundation of this Manual. Once a strong foundation is in place the maintenance of the arm actually tends to take care of itself. And with a plan in place that makes sense and is easy to follow it takes the guesswork out, and gives you clarity and confidence as you make your way through the process.

Once you implement and complete this Arm Care and Off-Season Throwing Program, you may be pleasantly surprised how Healthy, Strong, Durable and Accurate your arm can become just by making a major investment into it.

It’s simply amazing what our bodies (arms) are capable of doing if there is a clear and direct intention toward training, along with a map that best gives us the guidance to navigate that path. This Softball Arm Care & Throwing Manual eBook and Off-Season Throwing Manual was written with this in mind.

Enjoy the process.

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