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Portolite 6" Game Mound

Portolite 6" Game Mound
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70.00 lbs
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Spikes for Turf option
6" Game Mound 6" high x 48" wide x 69" long. Weighs only 60 pounds. Foot Strike in the Dirt. 120.00 shipping lower 48 states

The 6" Game Mound will feel comfortable to any pitcher Fully turned with regulation rubber attached. Pitching from an elevation will increase pitch control. Weight: about 60 lbs. Easy to move and store. Simply place the mound at desired distance and rake dirt to edges of mound. Pitchers foot plants in the dirt like real dirt mound. Great alternative on fields you cannot put in a dirt mound. Sun will not damage Water will not damage, (but will cause weight gain) New this year for Turf Fields. Mound can be purchased with Spikes on the underside of the mound so they don't slide on the field.