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Hit-N-Stik is a hand held batting practice tool that requires no set-up, adjustments or additional balls. It allows the batter to get up to 5 times more swings than with other products. it can be used for all ages and is effective for baseball and softball. It is a unique composite construction tool that includes a ball-like head and an ergonomic handle. Hit-N-Stik has a 60 Day warrantee. Includes a Hit-N-Stik drill guide. It works by simply having a parent, coach or teammate holding it so that the ball end is at the desired contact zone. Since the ball remains stationary, the batter can focus on correct contact. Shock from contact is absorbed by the stick so that it does not sting the holder and he/she can simply rotate with the hit and quickly return the ball to the contact position. Youll get more of a workout since both batter and holder can focus on hitting, hitting, hitting and forget about chasing and picking up balls or taking wasted cuts at bad pitches. Best of all, both will know by the direction of the stick whether the batter hit into the ground, into the air or straight away. Length 41" (Jr)Ages 8 and Under Length 53"Ages 8 - 14Length 63"Ages 14 and Up