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CagePro Classic Tee

CagePro Classic Tee
Our price:
10 pound cast iron base

The best professional-style batting tee available anywhere.


The CagePro FeatherTop ball perch uses the familiar rolled-rubber cone, but with a very important difference: it pivots. Pivot action provides the dual benefit of being both the softest tee-topper of any tee, AND the most durable of all pro-style tees. CagePro has done away with the typical stress points that lead to cracking, tearing and early failure of traditional rolled rubber ball perches. The quick action and instant return of the CagePro FeatherTop ball perch will perform for many thousands of cycles and always be ready for the next swing with absolutely no waiting time. CagePro tees are simply the Best Batting Tees for hitters AND coaches.

Adjustable Height

The straightforward, easy-to-use stem-height adjustment design of the CagePro Tee utilizes 2 types of rugged materials for its telescoping stem tubes: thick-wall 6061 drawn aluminum (outer and middle stem tubes); and moly/nylon matrix (inner stem tube). These materials, combined with our durable, proprietary friction pads, result in a quiet, tough, height-adjustable tee that retracts lower, extends higher, and retains its smooth, factory “feel” throughout its service life. It even drains itself of rainwater. Simple to adjust, there are no threaded collars or fittings to tighten…just push or pull to lower and raise, and hit away.

Built to Last Construction

CagePro has put much research into determining which type of base material and shape is optimal for advanced hitter and organizational use. We have found that cast-iron gives the lowest center of gravity per cost, and also that a round shape tends to avoid the “walking” that can occur with square-shaped bases as they are used. Consequently, round, cast-iron CagePro bases are available in the standard 10 pound "Classic" size for the ultimate in compact stability as well as a 5 pound "Travel" size that is an excellent combination of stability and portability. CagePro tee stems can also accept added Olympic-style weight plates for that true old-school setup.