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Anderson Nanotek xp -12

Anderson Nanotek xp -12)

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ThrowRight.com is proud to offer the brand new and the latest and greatest:

2011 Anderson NanoTek XP youth baseball bat. This is a crazy blow out price for a bat that has incredible pop!

This is not your normal aluminum bat. Normal retail is 279.00 As the price indicates... the NanoTek flat wout crushes the ball.

we have all sizes in stock.

Anderson NanoTekΠTechnology

The Anderson NanoTek٠all-metal bat is the equivalent-performance alternative to the extended break-in period and compromised durability of today's composite bats. By way of the Anderson LaunchPad٬ the NanoTek٠product line-up offers superior performance right out of the wrapper without sacrificing the durability one would expect from a premium high-performance product.

The NanoTek٠product line is the first to include the Anderson LaunchPadٮ The LaunchPad٠features the largest, most explosive, effective hitting area you will find on any bat anywhere in the game today.

The Anderson LaunchPad٠technology is the result of a great design idea that languished on the drawing board for more than a decade, and was finally made possible through a nano-materials breakthrough. The patent pending Anderson LaunchPad٠is an integral blend of complex nano-metallic and aluminum alloys that are molecularly bonded to create a barrel structure resulting in a single metal wall. The patented LaunchPad٠combination of materials has more strength and delivers more pop and more distance than any solo material or combination ever tried.

By elastically strengthening just the hitting area, and efficiently relocating the design captured weight right behind the ball, the LaunchPad٠is allowed to flex in unison with the underlying aluminum shell. The NanoTek٠has the strongest, most forgiving, and yet the most reactive barrel in the gameƷith no break-in period required.

The NanoTek٠bat is a working example of Anderson's position in the light vs. heavy bat debate. The highly reactive Anderson LaunchPad٠concept allows considerable design latitude with respect to the balance and feel of the bat. In reality, weight is not the only issue that needs to be addressed when choosing an effective piece of hitting equipment. If you swing a heavier bat at the same speed you swing a lighter bat, then you will hit a ball farther. The NanoTek٠metal makes it possible to swing a heavier bat at a greater velocity with less effort. Faster bat speed plus heavier bat equals superior performanceŠguaranteed!

Every feature of The NanoTek٠is designed to provide every hitter the ultimate in performance. The Ergonomic Knob, the toughened True-Flex٠End Cap, the Taper-Flex Contour, and the Anderson LaunchPad٠are synergistic components designed to improve performance by distributing the movable weight where it will do the most good -- directly behind the ball at contact.

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